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Site Categories


Argentina offers a myriad of activities to do, ranging from the most relaxed as rural activities, bird and animal watching to the most demanding as trekking, hiking, skiing, mountaineering or doing water sports.


Argentina offers a myriad of cultural activities, ranging from museums to learning Spanish or tango.

Travel Agents

Each city or town boasts at least a travel agent, they usually know the little place, out of the beaten path that may turn your visit to Argentina to something memorable.


Under this category we have listed those sites that have useful information, either privated or government sponsored, for the visitor.

Hunting & Fishing

The large number of lakes, rivers and the length of the atlantic shore has challenges for each fisherman. Hunting is very popular and well established in the countryside and there are a number of private hunting grounds with deer, boar and fowl.


Sites listing casinos and beaches in Argentina.


Although doing a useful classification of sites is quite hard, we have divided this category in several, hostels, rooms in houses or campings are listed here.


Sites dealing with terrestrial, fluvial, maritime or air transportation.

Transportation Rental

This category deals with the rental of cars, boats or motorhomes.

To Let

This category deals with letting houses or apartments, including real estate agents.


This category deals with lodging in bungalows, which is quite popular in the touristic areas of Argentina. In general they include breakfast and cleaning and they are arranged by day or week.


Here you'll find hotels, from the family oriented ones to the five star international chains.


Under this category we have included all activities and lodging related to typical estancias or ranches of Argentina. They not only let you enjoy their landscape, but also the day to day work.
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