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Spanish schools, lessons and instructors, Mendoza (Leído 2212 veces)
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Spanish schools, lessons and instructors, Mendoza
14.11.12 a las 18:46:58
Links to Spanish schools and instructors in Mendoza (webagents who claim to have schools in Mendoza, but really just advertise and book for the other larger schools, listed in brackets):

Read more: http://www.frommers.com/community/forum.cfm/central-south-america/argentina/span...

Greenfields (aka COINED, aka Andino, aka DonQuijote, aka Cactus, aka languagecourse.net, aka Enforex)
http://www.coined.com.ar/ http://www.coined.com.ar/

ECELA (Chilean chain with branch here, aka Latinimmersion)

http://www.ecela.com/esp/index.php <http://www.ecela.com/esp/index.php>;

Intercultural (aka ArgentinaSpanish, aka Patagonia, aka Spanishcourses)
http://www.spanishcourses.com.ar/ <http://www.spanishcourses.com.ar/>;

Spanish in Mendoza Argentina (aka SIMA, aka Ana María Troncoso, new website))
http://spanishinmendozaargentina.greenash.net.au/ <http://spanishinmendozaargentina.greenash.net.au/>;

For the larger schools, it often depends on the luck of which teacher you end up with. They all have some good teachers, but many stinkers as well.

I have worked at (as an English teacher, many of them teach foreign languages to locals as well) and/or studied at all of them. I would strongly recommend SIMA to you, (Ana is a friend of mine, as most of the Spanish teachers here in Mendoza are) .

For more genuine reviews on anything when you travel, try the Couchsurfing group forums for each community. There is more ownership of the posts there, as most of the people in the groups know or are very familiar with each other.

For example, for the Mendoza forum you could ask questions like this, or search for info. Here is a thread that deals with reviews of Sapnish schools in Mendoza.

Read more: http://www.frommers.com/community/forum.cfm/central-south-america/argentina/span...

Good luck on your search! Sonrisa
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