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Enjoy Buenos Aires at The Comfort of Your Home! (Leído 1448 veces)
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Enjoy Buenos Aires at The Comfort of Your Home!
15.09.09 a las 01:13:46
By Swapna Kasturi

Travelling is a cherished passion for many people. Specially, visiting exotic places can excite everyone. One such place which evokes excitement and thrill, just by the mention of its name is Buenos Aires. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places on the earth, it draws millions of tourists all the year around. Buenos Aires is the capital and also the biggest city in the country of Argentina. It is also the second biggest metropolitan place in the entire South America.

The multinational people residing in Buenos Aires are referred to as Porteños. Buenos Aires is located along Rio de la Plata and is the richest city in South America and this can be attributed to its beauty and picturesque locations which attract tourists from all over the world. Buenos Aires is said to be a mixture of Paris and New York, as it is imbibed with both culture and modernity. One can find all kinds of people in Buenos Aires, people who relish and cherish old memories and also people who are fast paced and determined to make Buenos Aires a force to reckon within the global market.

There are several places to explore in Buenos Aires where you can witness a combination of ancient architecture along with a cosmopolitan outlook. Places such as El Centro, La Boca, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Recoleta and San Telmo are a tourist’s delight. However, Buenos Aires can prove to be an expensive city for accommodation. There are many beautiful hotels to stay for a visitor, but the prices that they offer are staggering. Prices range from US$100 to US$600 for a day’s stay at a hotel. Thus, a majority of the budget will be spent in accommodation itself.

A much better option than staying at a hotel is to rent an apartment. There are different varieties and models of apartments available, to cater to everyone’s taste. Renting an apartment costs on an average US$200-1000 for a week depending on the luxury, and the best part about this arrangement is that in most of the apartments, an average of 1 to 4 people can stay. Thus, if the entire cost is shared among some people, the cost will be definitely low as compared to staying individually in a hotel.

Moreover, all rental apartments provide the same facilities that a hotel provides at no cost at all. Apartments have numerous features such as, several bathrooms and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, great balconies with amazing views, laundry room, broadband and wireless internet access, iron and ironing board, cable TV, housekeeping services and even some have spa and gym facilities. Once we rent an apartment, we are eligible to make use of any of these services for free. Apartments offer a sense of privacy too that cannot be expected in hotels. We can visit all the places we want to, till evening and then come home and experience a feeling of calmness and peace and spend some quality time with our loved ones without any interruptions or disturbance.

For people who like to cut down on their expenditure, staying at an apartment is a great choice. All ingredients can be bought at the market and fresh meals and breakfasts can be made at home. This is a good choice both from an economical and health point of view. The entire family can experience a sense of togetherness and bond over meals. Even the feeling of homesickness can be avoided by making such a choice. Thus, with so many advantages, renting an apartment and living like a true Porteño can add to the entire experience and we can surely hope to think of the entire journey as a trip to remember!!

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