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Full Guide for the traveler in Argentina (Leído 1952 veces)
Full Guide
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Full Guide for the traveler in Argentina
15.05.10 a las 22:29:46
Take a look:


The most recent and comprehensive guide for the traveler which has everything you need to know about Argentina. Where to stay, what to see, how to travel, how much it will cost. Find where to get the best deals.

Includes all major events, HAPPENING places and parties during 2010, as well as dates&times and web sites. You will know all the breathtaking places.

Argentina Holiday Calendar. Full Colors Map.

Learn all about the Tango! Know where to learn Spanish!
Print and bring with you the guide in your pocket (Print Friendly)
This Guide tells you how to spend your money like a local  and not get ripped off as a tourist.
You will save hundreds of dollars in good deals!
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